Friday, July 31, 2009

The Profits of Content

Updating information frequently to a website can have a significant increase in the quantity of visitors it receives. Renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN prefer sites that are habitually added with more content.

The most successful way of escalating the level of content is through blogging. The benefits of having a blog is that regular articles can be added to the site and articles can also be planned beforehand. The crucial thing when updating articles to websites is to make certain that the topics are appropriate to the business. The idea is to approach topics to base the article which in turn will be of interest and relevance to any potential customer.

One way that traffic from search engines can be monitored is by using keywords in the articles. If keywords are incorporated recurrently and logically then there is potential for online retailers to make more money than their counterparts. Updating content to any site is something that needs careful study. However if it is done efficiently then any company can see successful improvement in profits.

One of the biggest search engines in today’s world is undoubtedly Google. Therefore any website to rank at the top of Google it has to be informative and active and this is achieved by updating distinctive, accepted content such as daily informative news and relevant articles. The addition of relevant fresh material is exactly what search engines like Google are looking for.

What SEO does is it makes a website simple for search engines to gather and informs them what a website is composed of. Content is the strong force in constructing a website, increasing its appeal and motivates search engines to place the website at a higher position above competitors

It is important to differentiate between content. By reproducing content from another website will have no gain and would in turn have a damaging consequences within Google for the website trying to gain recognition. Content is not a means for marketing. It has to be unique and useful. If it is not exclusive then it will be unsuccessful in its purpose.

The benefits of Content and SEO are numerous and these are

Long tail Search Traffic – When a website has regular content it helps in receiving more precise “long tail” keyword searches from search engines that cannot be attracted through regular SEO.

Faster indexing – Most search engines catalog news and blog sites faster than normal websites there fore regular updates on websites will determine more frequent traffic and indexed faster by search engine spiders.

Generates discussion – Blogs, articles and news often receive comments from interested customers which in turn often creates discussion and user contribution on the website. Comments also become worthy as free content and are often indexed and ranked by search engines.

Solicits enquiries - Informative, articulate articles about business, products or services will promote readers to find out about services. This has been a tried and tested method of sales marketing.

Promotes community – Comments, inquires on any website encourages interaction between visitors and is often responsible for communities on websites. Visitors will keep coming back for discussion via the website.

Repeat visits – When a website has fresh, regular and remarkable content it encourages users to keep coming back. When a website is left inactive there will be no regular traffic

Subscribers – Informative, appealing content on a website can promote subscription to updates via RSS. This makes sure that any new information will mean that potential people are immediately informed.

Internal link strength – Regular content will contain links to specific pages which in turn is beneficial to websites internal link strength.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Consistent SEO is Necessary?

The internet has become a global village, and businesses have the ability to market their product or service to most of the world. Locally or globally search engine optimisation is necessary to ensure that your site will be found ahead of your competitors and to ensure that your website ends up on the top Google pages or other search engine sites. Search engine optimization is responsible for improving the amount of traffic to a web site from search engines.

Internet trends are changing and what worked before might not work again. Search Engine Algorithms persistently renew themselves to avoid spamming and to keep their results applicable and important. Only a SEO professional or a SEO company can be aware of all technologies and trends and apply them in their SEO efforts.

Search Engines support sites which have new search engine friendly content. Fresh relevant content on habitual basis will entice search engines to crawl your site more. This will give your site an added advantage over other rival sites with dated content. A proficient SEO Firm will be conscious of this fact and continuously revise the website with the latest content as often as possible.

It is established that back links are significant in search engine optimization. Any website which has a numerous amount of back links will be portrayed as important and popular. However gaining back links is a monotonous job. Link building includes a whole set of activities like directories, content promotion, blogging, press releases, link baiting, social media which require ongoing SEO. Only an online marketing company can toil towards acquiring back links on an unfailing basis every month.

A website's traffic also has to be closely monitored and studied. It is important to know if the traffic to your website is targeted or not. Inappropriate viewers who are not going to take up your services or products are as bad as the lack of traffic. It is only by constantly monitoring and only by constant monitoring and scrutiny of a website's traffic pattern; a SEO consultant will be able to eradicate the problem.

These are the reasons to have continuous and reliable search engine optimization efforts for any website which intends to have top ranking in Google and be successful in online marketing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MySpace to axe 2 out of 3 non US jobs

The social networking firm MySpace has announced that it will enforce substantial job cuts on its international offices including Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico and Russia to make way for a newer more streamlined structure making London, Berlin, and Sydney its main future hubs. This would entail cutting 33% of US jobs and 66% of the non US employees of MySpace.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top 10 Link-Building Tips

Link building is the process of generating and improving both the quality and quantity of online traffic to your website. The aim of link building is to increase its ‘rank’ within search engines, so that your website is one of the first seen when a searcher keys in words that are pertinent to your service or product.

Studies have shown that, when presented with a list of potential sites, a searcher will scan a page from top to bottom and from left to right. Obviously being ranked higher and having your website appear closer to the top of a results page will increase the likelihood of a searcher visiting your website.

Increasing the potential for your website through
link building can take a variety of forms, some of which are obvious and some of which are not. Here are ten ideas that have worked for many websites:

1) Ensure that the content of your website is of a good standard and contains information that other websites would be happy to be associated with. If a potential link is considering websites in your industry, they are more likely to favour link building with a site that is informative and well-written. The services of a copywriter might be a valuable area to research.

2) Include a regularly updated section in your website, devoted to industry news. If you can provide useful and interesting information on a regular basis, people will be drawn to your website as a source of informed content and comment.

3) Distribute press releases. Most businesses achieve something that is newsworthy at some time, be it a particular award or the gaining of an important contract. Syndicating this news through sites such as and can generate a lot of traffic from within and outside your industry.

4) Start a blog. These are also a good way of passing on industry news and offer you the chance to link to, review and comment on other business articles and blogs. If you have space for users to leave their comments, perhaps in the form of a notice-board, your website will be seen to be popular with users and as good link-material.

5) Create an Ezine article. Ezine is very highly ranked and can offer your article, with its associated links, the chance to be seen by thousands of users.

6) Subscribe to free online directories. Some of the most successful link building campaigns rely heavily on free online directories as a way of exposing their website.

7) Research your competitors and find out who they are linked to. You can then approach these companies and offer to link to them.

8) Use your social contacts. If you have friends or relatives who offer a service or product that may in some way be relevant to yours, offer them a link in return for a link from them.

9) It is also worth approaching existing or previous clients and suppliers. In the case of clients, if you have done a good job for them, you can ask them to link to your website, thereby supporting the work you have done. Suppliers may also wish to associate with a company that they feel uses their products to great effect.

10) Top 10 lists are a great way to generate traffic! They don’t have to be industry related, but can simply be a point of interest that will draw people to your website and perhaps encourage them to explore further.