Friday, July 31, 2009

The Profits of Content

Updating information frequently to a website can have a significant increase in the quantity of visitors it receives. Renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN prefer sites that are habitually added with more content.

The most successful way of escalating the level of content is through blogging. The benefits of having a blog is that regular articles can be added to the site and articles can also be planned beforehand. The crucial thing when updating articles to websites is to make certain that the topics are appropriate to the business. The idea is to approach topics to base the article which in turn will be of interest and relevance to any potential customer.

One way that traffic from search engines can be monitored is by using keywords in the articles. If keywords are incorporated recurrently and logically then there is potential for online retailers to make more money than their counterparts. Updating content to any site is something that needs careful study. However if it is done efficiently then any company can see successful improvement in profits.

One of the biggest search engines in today’s world is undoubtedly Google. Therefore any website to rank at the top of Google it has to be informative and active and this is achieved by updating distinctive, accepted content such as daily informative news and relevant articles. The addition of relevant fresh material is exactly what search engines like Google are looking for.

What SEO does is it makes a website simple for search engines to gather and informs them what a website is composed of. Content is the strong force in constructing a website, increasing its appeal and motivates search engines to place the website at a higher position above competitors

It is important to differentiate between content. By reproducing content from another website will have no gain and would in turn have a damaging consequences within Google for the website trying to gain recognition. Content is not a means for marketing. It has to be unique and useful. If it is not exclusive then it will be unsuccessful in its purpose.

The benefits of Content and SEO are numerous and these are

Long tail Search Traffic – When a website has regular content it helps in receiving more precise “long tail” keyword searches from search engines that cannot be attracted through regular SEO.

Faster indexing – Most search engines catalog news and blog sites faster than normal websites there fore regular updates on websites will determine more frequent traffic and indexed faster by search engine spiders.

Generates discussion – Blogs, articles and news often receive comments from interested customers which in turn often creates discussion and user contribution on the website. Comments also become worthy as free content and are often indexed and ranked by search engines.

Solicits enquiries - Informative, articulate articles about business, products or services will promote readers to find out about services. This has been a tried and tested method of sales marketing.

Promotes community – Comments, inquires on any website encourages interaction between visitors and is often responsible for communities on websites. Visitors will keep coming back for discussion via the website.

Repeat visits – When a website has fresh, regular and remarkable content it encourages users to keep coming back. When a website is left inactive there will be no regular traffic

Subscribers – Informative, appealing content on a website can promote subscription to updates via RSS. This makes sure that any new information will mean that potential people are immediately informed.

Internal link strength – Regular content will contain links to specific pages which in turn is beneficial to websites internal link strength.


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